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Helping People in Need!


Welcome to Help Us World, we are looking for 5 Companies to donate £1000 each to help make an App based on my already finished App's Functionality.

The £5000 would enable us to register the UK Charity, it would cost about £2500-3000 to develop the App & the other monies to promote & manage it.

Your company will get its logo with a link to your Business Website Advertised on this website & the App to show appreciation for your help to the World Community that is in desperate need at the very difficult time.

We also welcome Cash Donations from anyone that can help get this App Developed ASAP & to help host & run it, any size donations are welcome from as little as a £1.

Please go to the Donate Section if you can Donate Cash, Help, Goods or Services.

Initially we will launch in all English Speaking Countries, then add other Countries based on Urgency of Help Needed, the App will be available on Apple & Android Mobile Phones.

This App would make Helping People in Need logistically easy for Charities & Helpers to find & Help People in Urgent Need of any sort of Help.

Based on the same Functionality as the already Developed Scrap Easy App, people in need who have an Apple or Android Mobile Phone will be able to Download the App for FREE.

Once downloaded the user can go to the help section & add items that they need from a drop down list and/or a description of their needs.

The user can add their Name, Address, Contact Number & details of what they need & mark how urgent they need the help. This may be anything from Shopping, Prescription Collection, Essential Items, Transport Needs, Dog Walking, Gas/Electric, & Physical Help etc.


Anyone can Help, the Helpers can be Individuals, Businesses or Charities willing to help or offer up goods for the people in need. These Helpers would have to register on the App to be Approved as Legitimate Helpers.

The App works Automatically taking out man hours getting help quicker to those in need. Helpers would click on markers on the Map in the Geographical Area they can help in. Once they click on the Marker they can see what that persons needs are, if they can help they click on 'Get Details'. The items/help needed by that person & their Contact Details will be given to the Helpers. Once the Helpers Accept that Help Job it Automatically comes off the Map.

Please see the 'How it Works' Section.


Help Us World Team





Scrap Easy has decided to try & do its bit for The World in this very serious global situation.

We are offering to use the Functionality from this already Developed App to Help the Logistics

of Helping People in need around The World at this very difficult time.

Our Developers have offered a generous discount to get this App launched which will be possible with £2500.

Any Help & Donations Welcome, Any Extra Cash or Goods will be distributed to the most in need ASAP.



To help initially get this App Developed ASAP click donate.

If you are a Business & want to sponsor this App, we need 5 businesses to donate £500 each, your logo & link to your business website will be shown below & on the App to show your support to a much needed cause at this very difficult time.

Once the App is completed we then need Helpers to Register, ready to Help Others in need, this can be Individuals, Charities & Businesses offering Physical Help or Goods. 

Click on the Donate link in the menu to Donate Cash/Help/Goods/Services.




UK Mobile: 07936 211783

WhatsApp: +447936211783

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