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The Doolittle Team can Groom Your Loving Pet to make it Look Amazing.

We Pride Ourselves on a Great Quality Service that the Dogs Love.

Contact Us for Rates & Availability.

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Welcome to DooLittle Grooming Service

* Professionally Trained Dog Groomer with Canine First Aid Qualification.

* You will be assured of a Friendly Service.

Services Included

* Maintenance Brush: Particularly good if the dogs are active & have long/thick/shedding coats.

   A regular brush keeps your dogs coat & ultimately the dog healthy.

* Puppy familiarisation from about 14 weeks.

   Its good to start them early to get used to the equipment & handling.

* Maintenance Bath & Trim.

* Full Groom.

* At Mini Health Check at each Visit.

* And of coarse a cuddle too.

Contact Details-Mobile/Text: 07511 825048

Grooming Terms and Conditions

1. Please tell us if your dog is aggressive with people/other pets, we may need to use a muzzle/calming collar if we deem necessary.


2 .All dogs accepted must have an up-to-date vaccination certificate including kennel cough and are required to be wormed and de-flead regularly.


3. In accordance to the Animal Welfare Act, we will not spend more than 15 minutes de-matting. A matted coat may result in us having to clip the coat short all over - our priority here is comfort as matting can be painful for the dog and dangerous to remove. There is an extra charge for matted dogs due to the extra time it takes and excess wear and tear to equipment.


4. For some dogs, grooming procedures can be stressful, and can expose hidden medical problems or aggravate a current one during or after the groom. We will obtain immediate veterinary treatment for your dog should it be deemed necessary, and it is agreed that all expenses for Veterinary care will be covered by the owner upon signing this contract/agreement.


5. We reserve the right to turn away clients that are over 15 minutes late for their appointment.


6. Photographs: We take photos of each dog before during and after the groom, which we keep on file to assist us in future grooms. We may use some photos in advertising our service and/or post to our social media sites. Most clients enjoy seeing their pet featured. Please let us know beforehand if you do not wish your pet's photos to be made public


7. If we find fleas/parasites on your dog, you will be contacted and asked to collect them immediately. Grooming will cease at whichever point we are at in the groom, a fee will be incurred as we will need to completely deflea the salon and we will need to reschedule to finish the groom.


8. We will not attempt to remove ticks ourselves. We believe it is a job best completed by a veterinarian.


9. We do not express anal glands, and believe you should ask your veterinarian to do this. Ears are only plucked upon request.


10. Late collection may result in a fee of £15/hour as we do not have facilities to keep your dog longer than the appointment.*


11. No shows or last minute cancellations (less than 24 hours notice) are subject to a £10 fee per dog and a deposit taken prior to re-booking. *


12. If you are dissatisfied with your pet`s groom please let us know within 48 hours and we will do our best to resolve it for you.


13. Aggressive dogs. We reserve the right to halt the grooming process should a dog become aggressive to the point of being a danger to staff or to his/herself. Full or part of the grooming charge may apply.


*we understand that circumstances necessitate last minute changes and this will be taken into account at the time.

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